A fun & real blog to follow

My goal with this blog is to bring together a community of people who actually Do Give A Fuck. There is so much space in our lives where our interests get overshadowed, downplayed, or just blatantly dismissed. This blog is meant to combat that.

I made this blog with the hopes of finding just the right space to mix media and honesty, beauty and reality, life experiences and shallowness and just straight up Kpop on occasion (threw you there didn’t I?).

I want a place where I can reflect REAL LIFE. Even if it isn’t always pretty, or consistent, when it’s a little too honest about being fake, and when it is just straight up obsessive and self indulgent. I wanted a place where things didn’t always have to be watered down or sugar coated, people don’t have to get it right all time, and opinions don’t have to fit into boxes.

It’s crazy to me that a character in a book, a film, a tv show, or play can be raw and honest, inconsistent and vulgar, and people can and are willing to understand them. But a person on a blog, on Youtube, on Facebook, or on Instagram cannot. Hopefully my blog breaks that mold and that standard.

This blog will sometimes be light and sometimes be deep. Just like life. It will sometimes be about the money and hustle, and sometimes be about the little white lies that get us through.  It will have life, because I have life and I am not manufactured or a brand, I am a person.

I hope for this to be a space to let myself shine without timidness, and to be a safe place for you to relate & allow for your guilty pleasures without shame. I’m here to talk about things the way I see and experienced them.

Real life advice from a real life girlie, right or wrong, it’s honest and (hopefully…..usually…) self reflective.

K byyyyyyye,




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