13 Reasons Why Reaction – I’m stressed

Hello. So idk if I’m the only person who was extremely absorbed in the latest Netflix Show 13 Reasons Why. But I was. I kept looking online to see people’s opinions on it, because I had such a strong opinion on it, and I wanted to see if anyone agreed with me mainly- lol. I haven’t read the book, so unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a well rounded perspective. But based off of what I’ve seen (i.e a couple of youtube videos and rotten tomato reviews) I wanted to share my own thoughts.

To some extent, I think people are being far too literal about the interpretation of this adaptation (ooh look at that proficient level english). I obviously do not KNOW, but I think this show was meant to be watched from the outside in. I don’t think as an audience we were meant to resinate with any one character in particular. I (personally) think the point of the show was to watch it and see how bazar and surreal each character’s actions were, how insignificant each character’s “reasons” were, and to see that what Hannah was experiencing wasn’t part of reality.

IMO the point was to point out how horrible, tragic, and MESSY suicide is, and how it not only doesn’t solve problems in general, it doesn’t even address the actual issue at hand. I (think) the point, is to point out how intertwined we (a.k.a society) make outside interactions, reflect inside emotions. When in REALITY ( the actual meaning of reality, not reality as in “reality tv”) the inside feelings are a direct manifestation of how we are caring for ourselves. A.K.A what we are choosing to believe as our truth, and how OUR body’s chemistry affects that perception.

For example, Hannah’s parents were AMAZING. Maybe they weren’t perfect, but they weren’t abusive, nor did they neglect her, they were just human. But ultimately, she couldn’t (or didn’t) see their reality as her own. She believed what (a select, might I add) people saw of her and obsessed over those opinions. This could quite possibly have been a direct reflection of her emotional instability based directly off of her recent move, or the move of her friend, or just off of a new diet, or even her latest birthday (WHO KNOWS)


Even though something is unreasonable, or outlandish or just melodramatic doesn’t make it NOT TRUE.

What these kids are doing is wild, I definitely do see that. But I knew (& know) PLENTY of teenagers with tattoos, drug & alcohol problems. I knew kids that showed up to school drunk, girls that wound up pregnant, or teachers that were too chummy with students. Just because it’s uncomfortable to talk about, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

I know 13 reasons why makes people uncomfortable ( I know because I am one of those people).

But something that is EXTREMELY important to consider, is that kids (YES KIDS! 11-19) know of (or experience hands on) every single adult problem, but aren’t equipped to handle them. Either being because their brains just can’t process them, or adults have iced them out of the conversation.

I know some of the stuff is “intense” & “triggering”. But we don’t let people under 17 watch porn or sex scenes, and at the end of the day, they are having it themselves. How can you shelter someone from something they themselves are experiencing? You might be able to put a rating on content, but you can’t put a rating on life.

The same way teaching abstinence doesn’t prevent sex, you can’t pretend like something doesn’t exist in order to get people (especially teens) to avoid it. Show them what it looks like, & let them decide for themselves.

Yeah, it’s not always pretty, but it’s definitely reality.