5 Tricks to Smell Good ALL DAY LONG


Dude! Body odor…… it’s a real thing. I’m not the MOST hygienic person in the world, but I definitely take care of myself, and somehow, SOMEHOW, I still run into body odor issues (whyyyyy god whyyy). But because of this, I have had to come up with a couple little tricks to help myself get through the day without smelling, and now I’m here to help you out too. You’re welcome. (& you’re not alone, so don’t worry).

#1) 2 Different Deodorants

Sometimes when we put deodorant on, we tend to reapply after the day has gone on. If you have two separate deodorants you can prevent cross contamination! What I mean by this, is that you can have one deodorant that you always use fresh out of the shower, and another deodorant that is used for “touch ups” throughout the day.

#2) Mini Deodorants

I LOVE travel size deodorants. They can fit in almost any size purse. This is super helpful because, I don’t know about you, but I usually smell just dandy at home. It’s the second I come across anything stressful (ie. hit traffic on my way to work, wonder if I left my straightener on a home, have an intense conversation with a friend) that I break into a sweat. And as great as perfume is to mask the smell, nothing beats go ol’ deodorant to make me feel comfortable in my environment once again.

#3)  Exfoilate 

Exfoliating is an amazing way to ensure that there is no “build up” under your arms. Whether this is from multiple deodorant applications, or just sweat and sebum, nothing makes underarms feel as fresh as starting with a clean slate. I like to just use any body wash with the little exfoliating beads. This is usually strong enough to brush away anything lingering up in there.

#4) Shave

Basically just taking exfoliating to the next step. Whenever I shave my underarms, I get a lot less body odor. Which in turn give me less anxiety about getting body odor, thus giving me one more way to feel nice and fresh all day long.

#5) Jojoba oil

Now for the interesting one! Jojoba oil matches the natural sebum your skin secretes. What this means is, when you put it in your underarms, it actually absorbs into your pores. This help your body feel that it is nice and oiled up, which helps keep the sweat from coming out. You can use it on its own after a shower, or you can use it and top it off with deodorant. This has been my favorite addition, and has given me that extra mental security.

The video below gives a breakdown of all of the above! (Plus a *bonus* tip)

K thanks byeeeeeeee,



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