Cleaning Out & Organizing My Closet!

Yellow! When it comes to moving up & moving on, there’s nothing like a fresh closet to make you feel like you can achieve ALL of the things. Or maybe thats just me. Since I now have the whole closet to myself, I felt there was definitely a much better way to utilize it than one half clothes, the other half garbage. I also had a huge pile of clothes I had been putting off washing  (think 6+ loads) so this was the perfect opportunity to clean, cleanse and refresh. Ergo a whole day of laundry and closet organization.

Here’s the method I implemented, and that I have managed to stick to.

1. Hangers!

I find using two types of hangers is most helpful to me. Plastic & velvet! Velvet is perfect for the awkward clothes that tend to slide off of your hangers, and plastic has the perfect little dips made for your “strappy” wear. Online is the best way to get these hangers in bulk, & if not online check out Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc if you’re looking for a deal.

These are velvet ones on Amazon I would recommend:

2.  Utilize your dresser!

I keep my dresser in my closet atm. This allows me to have ample space in the rest of my room. But because of this, I don’t like to keep anything fancy in it. I like to think of my dresser as containing all the things I wear around my house.

For example.

Drawer 1: All socks. That’s literally it. Socks. I don’t care about wearing matching pairs so I have one million socks, most without a match, all in this drawer.

Drawer 2: Bras, bandeaus, underwear, bathing suits.

Drawers 3 & 4: Pajamas & work out clothes (I.e lounge wear)

Drawer 5: Comfy sweaters

3.  Top shelf of closet!

The top of my closet was once where I kept all of the things that were supposed to be in my dresser. Now, I just use it for shoes. One of the token rules for organization is to not have the same item in more than one place!This is something I’m working on, but feel pretty accomplished in doing this time around. My closet is very long so (almost) all of my shoes can fit up here. I also have a coat hanger and shoe bench in my living room, so the ones worn most often have a second home out there. 

4. Closet floor!

NOTHING! This was one of the reasons I think my closet felt so cluttered before hand. I literally had to duck below my clothes to get to my shoes, and then when things fell off the hanger it was just a mess because everything was tangled and I always felt a strong “why bother” attitude about fixing it, because it looked messy either way. A clean closet floor definitely helps with piece of mind, as well as gives good incentive to pick things up once they fall down.

5.  Make an order & stick to it!

Now I guess I have a strange way of organizing my closet. Strange as in, it probably only looks organized to me. Essentially, I prefer to order my closet into categories.  I.e Crop Tops, Shirts, Long Sleeves, Sweaters, Over Shirts, Jackets, Dresses, etc. But within these categories I like to order my clothing from thinnest to thickest as well as by the length of the sleeve of the item. Some people might just opt for color coordination, but I find when I am looking for clothes I don’t think “What color do I wanna wear today?” I’m more likely to think “What’s the weather like?” or “Which slutty crop top will go best with this skirt?” or ” I feel fat I want something slouchy”. So in organizing in the category manner, I usually just go to a specific section of my closet & then can find what I am looking for within that section that meets my needs.

It works for me, so maybe it’s worth a try!

Anyways, you can watch me clean my closet in entirety in the video below (it’s time lapsed) :

k byeeeeee!


Our home office in a loft

Oh hello. I have been working on creating a little corner of the apartment for David and I to get our life together. Our apartment is very long and narrow, and full of windows and light so I didn’t want to waste the opportunity of having an inspiring workspace in our home. We already have a high top counter where we eat, and honestly we both scarf down food in 5 minutes or less, and rarely throw “dinner parties”. So I didn’t see the benefit of  putting a kitchen table in our living room.  Thus, the idea to turn this corner into a home office was born.

I wanted two separate work spaces. “My” space, where the desktop would go. I do most of my messy work at my vanity, so I knew I just needed a small CLEAN desk where I could focus on editing, and email etc.

home office desk idea
“My” home office desk

And then David’s space. He is currently in school and thus has papers, books, and pencils galore. I knew I wanted a long desk where he could sprawl out to work, but then deep drawers so that I was able to hide all of his junk.

apartment home office desk ideas
David’s desk

The two areas are still a work in progress, but I’m proud of where I’m at so far. I think I want to get a bench or ottoman that will go next to my desk (on the left under the window), so that I have an extra storage space, as well as a ledge to occasionally smoke out of… and I think I just need something to close off the space. I also want to install shelves on the only open wall (behind the desktop) to add depth. I will most likely put some plants, and possible a mini bookshelf. But time will tell.

apartment desk home office ideas
Both of our desks in our “office space”




K byeeeeeee