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So DIY face masks are a fond memory I have from childhood, and as  tempting as it is to smear yogurt & mayo on my face, it’s time for a better way to treat skin issues at home.

DIY is the best, but it doesn’t have to be children’s arts and crafts on our face anymore.

Below is a list of 3 of my favorite Do It Yourself face sheet mask recipes. Hopefully this can inspire you to mix and match as you see fit for your own skin issues!

The only two tools you’re going to need is a bowl or cup to put your ingredients in, & of course your sheet masks.

I got mine here:

Check out everything you need to know in the video below:


#1 Fight acne & lighten dark spots

-1/2 a slice of lemon

Lemon is amazing for drying out active acne, pimples and zits on your face. It is also awesome for lightening any dark spots.

-Rose water

Rose water is great for balancing your face’s ph. similar to a toner, it helps bring your face back center after all the things it deals with on a daily basis (i.e makeup, sun, pollution)


Water is extremely hydrating to your skin (duh), & it also helps the other products absorb into the sheet mask for better product distribution on your face.

I would recommend wearing this mask for about 20 minutes, and then rinsing with warm water. Lemon can be a strong ingredient, and can make your skin sensitive to the sun, so make sure you aren’t going directly into the sun with this one on!

#2 Reduce Puffiness & Refresh Skin


Essence is my holy grail skin care product! It is found in most over the counter sheet masks, & comes in many different price ranges. It helps with the overall texture and complexion of your skin, so if you’re looking for smoother, brighter skin, this is the way to go.

-Black tea

Black tea is amazing when your skin needs a wake up call. The caffeine in it helps reduce the puffiness, and the overall feel of warm tea on your face is just soothing. (;

You can wear this mask for as long as you like (I can usually only make it to about the 30 minute mark). No need to wash this one off, just let it absorb into your skin and go about your life.

#3 Hydrate & Increase Elasticity

-Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil makes the world go round (in my humble opinion…). This oil is an amazing moisturizer for the skin, and because of it’s small molecules, it absorbs into the skin as well as cleanses out your pores.

-Rose Hip Oil

Rose hip oil is the perfect oil for anyone looking for anit-aging properties. Rose hip oil helps with signs of aging such as dark spots from the sun, and even wrinkles. It is the perfect oil for regaining elasticity in your skin that may be lost overtime.



This mask is a little more oily than the others, I would suggest doing this one at night before bed so all the ingredients can absorb into your skin completely. Where the mask for about 20 -30 minutes then rub the remaining product into your skin & go to bed.



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10 step Korean Skincare Routine for clear skin

Over the past year I’ve been looking into the whole 10 step Korean skincare routine. I want to share with you, (in the EASIEST terms) wtf it is, and how you can start. From there you can pick or choose what works for you & your routine. You’re welcome.


So basically this is where we First, take off our makeup (cleanse # 1) & then second, wash all the excess crap that didn’t come off on our first go round (cleanse #2).  “Double cleanse” ; that simple.

Step 1. Makeup Removal: This is what I use to take my makeup off.

Banila Co. Banila Co. Clean It Zero
Banila Co. Banila Co. Clean It Zero

You can also use a natural oil (like jojoba oil), or just a makeup wipe. Whatever, just don’t go to sleep with your makeup on.

Step 2. Face Wash: This is the face wash I’m using as of now.

Benton Honest Cleansing Foam
Benton Honest Cleansing Foam


Toning is essentially used to wipe off more excess junk on your face & then to add ph balance back into your face. What’s ph balance you ask? Who knows. But when they tell you your vagina’s ph balance is off, you don’t ask questions. Just take that same approach with your face.

Step 3. Tone:  I make this step quick & easy. I just spritz my toner on my face and call it a day. But if you are interested in using your toner as a final step to make sure your face is squeaky clean, just put some on a cotton pad and rub the product on your skin. Sometimes I skip this step, depends on my mood.

Leven Rose rose water
Leven Rose rose water


IMO the greatest gift  Korean skincare has given to mankind (well at least Americankind) is the chemical exfoliant. Instead of using a physical exfoliant, like tiny rocks in your face wash, or an automatic scrubbing brush (*cough* Clarisonic *cough*), the Korean skincare routine consists of a chemical exfoliant. What this essentially does, is exfoliate your skin chemically (duh..). No need for you to literally scrub at your face to get rid of dead skin. This allows for an even layer of skin to come off slowly over time, and doesn’t create the abrasiveness you might get when you do it physically. I know the word chemical is intense, but just keep in mind “chemical” means science. This is nowhere near as strong as those crazy ass chemical peels you see the housewives getting so don’t worry. Just a good way to keep the freshest layer of your skin at the surface.

Step 4. Chemical Exfoliant: I do this about 2 to 3 times a week depending on how my face feels. I love the results. It lightens my dark spots, and brings to the surface things in my face that never would have seen the light of day. This is what I use.

Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid
Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid


I feel like right after the chemical exfoliant is the best time to treat any active acne I have on my face. IDK if this is actually part of the 10 steps, but it just felt right for me to put Benzol Peroxide or Salcylic acid & other intense acne fighting treatments on my face at the same time I was chemically peeling my skin off. This is just what I chose to do though just an FYI.

Step 5. Spot Treatment: I always like to use something strong to attack my blemishes. I don’t have time to wait a week for these things to dry up. I need it to happen in a day (2 days max!).

Clean & Clear persa-gel 10
Clean & Clear persa-gel 10


I still don’t quite understand what essence is, no matter how much it is explained to me. But I do understand what it DOES. And that is give you that hydration & elasticity your skin has been missing. Idk what the science behind it is, but ultimately patting this into my skin has changed the overall texture and appearance of it, so I won’t be stopping any time soon.

Step 6. Essence:  I just pour it in my hands and then pat pat pat it in my face.

Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive
Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive


Whatever those extra products you personally think you need for your skin. This could be vitamin c, eye creams, youth creams, etc. If you’re not sure when to put the product you want to put on your face, now is the time to do that.

Step 7-8 Serum: The only serum I am currently using on my skin is Rose Hip Oil. But I am open if anyone wants to give me some suggestions.

Rose Hip Oil
Rose Hip Oil


Self explanatory. No matter what the day or occasion, don’t skip this step (okay guys?). If you want to prevent oil, and sebum build up (which ultimately lead to more breakouts); moisturize.

Step 9 Moisturizer: I have been gravitating towards gel based moisturizers. This helps not make my face feel greasy when I’m putting a million (okay 10) different products on it. But any moisturizer you like will do. I would say save the thick juicy ones for night, & keep the lightweight ones for the day.

Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel
Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

SUN BLOCK (During the day)

The suns rays are no good for your skin. Use SPF. Or at least wear a hat.

Step 10. SPF : I don’t use SPF. I am allergic, or I at least get hives. “Hypoallergenic” has yet to suffice for me. I see this as a downfall for myself, it doesn’t have to be one for you though. Find a good SPF & slap it on your face. It’s math.

FACE MASKS (During the night)

Korean face masks come in all shapes & sizes. They usually come in big variety packs & they’re fairly affordable. If you are serious about your skin’s health, go ahead and splurge for some. They are fun to do, & what I love about most of them is you don’t need to wash them off, you just rub the excess product into your skin once your 20 minutes are up. Yay productivity.

Also Step 10 Face Masks: These are the ones I’m using as of now. The most I feel is my skin being plumped and moisturized.

Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack
Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack

Obviously, this is just my take on the 10 step routine. I think some of the orders matter, and some are a toss up. This is a good routine to follow if you’re a little confused about how to approach the whole 10 steps. Don’t overthink it though, you really can’t mess this up. The fact that you’re even bothering to care about your skin this much means you’ve got to get some kind of positive result. Take what you think applies to you, and do what you’re comfortable with. That’s what I did at least.

A video demo to see the products in action!

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