DIY Sheet Mask Recipes




Oh hello friends.

So DIY face masks are a fond memory I have from childhood, and as  tempting as it is to smear yogurt & mayo on my face, it’s time for a better way to treat skin issues at home.

DIY is the best, but it doesn’t have to be children’s arts and crafts on our face anymore.

Below is a list of 3 of my favorite Do It Yourself face sheet mask recipes. Hopefully this can inspire you to mix and match as you see fit for your own skin issues!

The only two tools you’re going to need is a bowl or cup to put your ingredients in, & of course your sheet masks.

I got mine here:

Check out everything you need to know in the video below:


#1 Fight acne & lighten dark spots

-1/2 a slice of lemon

Lemon is amazing for drying out active acne, pimples and zits on your face. It is also awesome for lightening any dark spots.

-Rose water

Rose water is great for balancing your face’s ph. similar to a toner, it helps bring your face back center after all the things it deals with on a daily basis (i.e makeup, sun, pollution)


Water is extremely hydrating to your skin (duh), & it also helps the other products absorb into the sheet mask for better product distribution on your face.

I would recommend wearing this mask for about 20 minutes, and then rinsing with warm water. Lemon can be a strong ingredient, and can make your skin sensitive to the sun, so make sure you aren’t going directly into the sun with this one on!

#2 Reduce Puffiness & Refresh Skin


Essence is my holy grail skin care product! It is found in most over the counter sheet masks, & comes in many different price ranges. It helps with the overall texture and complexion of your skin, so if you’re looking for smoother, brighter skin, this is the way to go.

-Black tea

Black tea is amazing when your skin needs a wake up call. The caffeine in it helps reduce the puffiness, and the overall feel of warm tea on your face is just soothing. (;

You can wear this mask for as long as you like (I can usually only make it to about the 30 minute mark). No need to wash this one off, just let it absorb into your skin and go about your life.

#3 Hydrate & Increase Elasticity

-Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil makes the world go round (in my humble opinion…). This oil is an amazing moisturizer for the skin, and because of it’s small molecules, it absorbs into the skin as well as cleanses out your pores.

-Rose Hip Oil

Rose hip oil is the perfect oil for anyone looking for anit-aging properties. Rose hip oil helps with signs of aging such as dark spots from the sun, and even wrinkles. It is the perfect oil for regaining elasticity in your skin that may be lost overtime.



This mask is a little more oily than the others, I would suggest doing this one at night before bed so all the ingredients can absorb into your skin completely. Where the mask for about 20 -30 minutes then rub the remaining product into your skin & go to bed.



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