Low Carb CheeseCake

Since being diagnosed with PCOS, I have really had to change my approach to my diet. (Some might refer to this as a “lifestyle change” but to me, idk I think the word diet has been robbed).  IMG_0246Anyways, because of my body’s need for me to lower my sugar intake and insulin levels, I’ve been looking for alternatives to all the sweet foods I so desperately need on a regular basis. Hence, this cheesecake entering my life.

Not only myself, but my boyfriend (who has no need whatsoever to do the whole “low carb thing”) also loved the recipe, and I seriously encourage anyone who is looking to lose a couple pounds, but keep their sweet tooth, to try it. I literally make this cheesecake about once a week and leave it in my fridge for when the cravings show up.

I found this recipe on a very popular blog called: IBreatheImHungry & as I am not the one who created the recipe, I suggest you take look at her blog to get the full instructions & descriptions.


However, if you would like to see how the recipe turned out and be entertained with bad one liners, you can check my video and pictures out below. I am aware that a majority of the pictures contain a lot of boob-action, you’re welcome.

I stand by the video’s title, & am willing to fight anyone who believes
differently than I about the greatness of this low carb cheesecake.